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The world saw Blockchain
We saw tremendous opportunities


We are here to unlock your Blockchain business opportunities.

Investereum is a European Blockchain developing and consulting firm headquartered in Belgium. Powered by a transformative product by design model, we focus on looking for new opportunities based on Blockchain and smart contract technology for businesses.

We believe decentralization will become the new norm in every industry. We challenge old systems and rewrite rules to maximize success.

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Our two phased approach.

Understand & Design

Understand the Blockchain opportunity for your business and design a solution that is just right for you.

Build & implement

Build a proof of concept or implement solutions, based on your specific circumstances.


The guides in your Blockchain adventure

pieter aertgeerts investereum

Pieter Aertgeerts

Founding Partner

Digital first strategic marketeer with a track record in telco industry and marketing agencies. Focused on growth.

laura leyssens investereum

Laura Leyssens

Founding Partner

Internal and external business communication expert in pharma and telco industry. People person.

andrew turner investereum

Andrew Turner

Founding Partner

20 years of product management experience, mainly in telco markets. Very technology to business driven.

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