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We unlock Blockchain business opportunities

Many executives are seeking for Blockchain applications. Will this immersive technology improve transparency, business model innovation or cost reduction? Investereum builds the bridge between business and technology. 

Discover our services and what they could do for you.

Blockchain workshop investereum services

Innovation workshop

A 4-hour workshop with our highly experienced Blockchain product managers and engineers.

You’ve heard something about Blockchain, but you have little to no clue what it could mean for your business? Invite us for a 4-hour workshop, talk us through your business and we will look for possible applications on the Blockchain that suit your business. The perfect first step.

Blockchain Assessment

We make your concept more thought through, increase the innovative character and align it with technological capabilities.

You’ve conducted your own research and have an idea based on Blockchain technology? Let us assess your Blockchain idea. Talk us through your idea and benefit from our knowledge and experience. We do whatever it takes to get every aspect of your idea to the next level.

Blockchain Assessment Investereum Services
ICO Management Investereum Services

End-to-end ICO Management

Investereum and its partners offer all services you need to create an ICO and to maximize the ICO’s success.

Creating and launching an ICO is a very complex matter. It starts with business modelling, followed by technical analysis, private/public sales strategies, go to market strategy, communication strategy, development and delivery. Involving the right and experienced people is the key to your success.

Blockchain Consultancy Track

Custom-made Blockchain driven consultancy projects for your company.

You have a Blockchain project in the pipeline that could benefit from our product, go to market and communication management skills? We define tracks that perfectly fit your needs to maximize value for your business.

Blockchain Consulting Track Investereum Services
Blockchain Crypto Talks Investereum Services

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain talks

Invite us to talk about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to inspire your audience.

We want to spread our Blockchain love. The more people understand what Blockchain is all about, the better. Inspire your audience in your next keynote, lecture, seminar or content cafe. We’re happy to share our knowledge and have interesting discussions with your audience.

Interested in our services and willing to know more?