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Libra Association Geneva HQ

Facebook Libra: Blockchain catalyst or killer?

On June 18 2019, Facebook announced Libra, its own currency. Its purpose is ostensibly to allow people to make transactions without needing a bank account. A Facebook account is presumably enough. Its stated goal is to make e-commerce and online trading more viable for people who are un- or under-banked.

6 Blockchain trends 2020

6 Blockchain predictions for 2020

Predicting technology trends has always been a favorite pastime of analysts, industry leaders and futurists. Some predictions turn out to be spectacularly wrong in hindsight – flying cars and Mars colonies by 1980, for instance –

Dark Data and Blockchain

From dark data to usable archiving

You have probably heard of Big Data and how it’s used to feed machine intelligence or pattern recognition in stock exchanges or weather forecasts. But do you know what ‘dark data’ is? Simply put, it’s all data that lies around unused, useless or unusable.

blockchain as truth machine

Blockchain as your single source of truth

If you say ‘Blockchain’, most people who have heard the term before will immediately think of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. And while it’s true that Blockchain technology was built with crypto in mind, its applications stretch far beyond finance.