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healthcare Blockchain Remedies

Healthcare gets better: 5 Blockchain remedies

Healthcare is one of the domains that has taken the most advantages of the successive waves of digitalization, from cross-sharing patient records to sharper radiology imaging to better camera technology and remote patient care. Blockchain may add yet another strategic advantage.

Blockchain in education investereum

3 surprising uses of Blockchain in education

Education is not the first thing that springs to mind if you think about Blockchain. Yet, it may make the lives of both teachers and students easier, as well as crank up administrative efficiency in institutes that are sometimes reviled for being slow to adapt to technology innovations.

Dark Data and Blockchain

From dark data to usable archiving

You have probably heard of Big Data and how it’s used to feed machine intelligence or pattern recognition in stock exchanges or weather forecasts. But do you know what ‘dark data’ is? Simply put, it’s all data that lies around unused, useless or unusable.

blockchain as truth machine

Blockchain as your single source of truth

If you say ‘Blockchain’, most people who have heard the term before will immediately think of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. And while it’s true that Blockchain technology was built with crypto in mind, its applications stretch far beyond finance.

blockchain for governments

Blockchain opportunities for governments

As with many technological revolutions, Blockchain is not only an opportunity for businesses in the private sector. Blockchain’s core advantages – speed, efficiency and security – are all three fundamental pillars of a well functioning government.